Uludag Textile Exporters' Association (UTIB) organzied the first national participation and introduced the quality of Turkish textile in the US market in state of Oregon, 12-13 February, 2020.

UTIB find opportunities to promote the production of fabrics, accessories and garments to international professionals and purchasing committees with a wide range of products, from knitted fabrics to technical textiles of Turkish textiles exported to around 200 countries and regions. The fair gathers experts of the footwear, apparel and leather accessories industries who  present their latest products and advanced techniques to the Northern American footwear and sportswear buyers.

Ekoten, Emsam, Gapsan, Rebilteks and Tepar are attend the fair with their latest products. Nataional participant had a chance to meet with major sport and outdoor brands in Portland such as Nike, Adidas, Colombia Sportwear, Under Armour, Avia, Poler Stuff.

The presence of the headquarters of international sports brands in the region where the fair will take place provides a great advantage for the companies in terms of the location of the fair and reaching the targeted visitors.

UTIB shared innovations from the field of sports of Turkish textile products in PV Sport Fair



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